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The story of Yvora

A new beginning

Yvora is a young startup with innovative plans to create an ever changing and intimate gaming experience. Working together with our trusted partners in the Dutch gaming industry, our goal is to develop and release a new playground for creative gamers.

Software engineering and game creation work hand in hand, with our experienced core team and the Unreal Engine. Let’s create a game where anything is possible!

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Towns of Yore

A little teaser of our upcoming game…

Our upcoming game is a cozy village builder where you can relax, design and build your dream environment. Unlock new items and decorations by deciphering the puzzeling hints or find them by accident when you are busy growing your town.

Besides building, you can manipulate weather and time to create the perfect vibe. Walk around in your own town and meet the villagers, animals and see your creation from a whole new angle.

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Storytelling in games; part 1

In this article we look at the use of narrative and story telling in games. The first part will focuss on the use of dialog and text in several examples. Part 2 will follow soon.

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User generated content; an article by Yvora Game Studio

User created content is a hot topic right now, especially with the success of games like Escape Simulator, platforms like Roblox, and the coming Metaverse experiment from Facebook (now Meta). But how can you harness user creativity in your own game or platform?

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Working at Yvora

The Yvora feeling

We’re creating something brand new in the RPG space – an online game that fosters empathy and creativity. Our aim is to digitally connect people by providing a space to create shared memories. Those memories could be of a story experienced together, or the collaborative construction of a world – anything where people experience a moment together.

Technical excellence is key to realizing our vision, with the use of cutting edge technology like the Unreal Engine. We’re no strangers to big projects, and we’re looking for bold individuals who are interested in building something that hasn’t been seen before. Just as our game is centered around empathy and human connection, Yvora is a company run on those same values. If this sounds interesting, maybe we could become part of your story!

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We are Co2 Neutral

Forward thinking

We believe in forward thinking at Yvora - both with our products and on climate change. That's why we're offsetting our carbon footprint via @TreesForAll, a great Dutch NGO that runs sustainable forestry projects in the Netherlands and developing countries.

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